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“Love & Hip Hop” Star Chrissy & Jim Jones Are Engaged!


We were the first to let you know that Jim Jones will be proposing to Chrissy before last-night’s episode aired, and yes our source was well on point!. If you missed last night’s Love & Hip Hop, then you missed a great thing. Chrissy was having a rather difficult time with her boyfriend Jim Jones. Despite all of this, he finally proposed to her and the entire scene goes emotional.
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Remember from the first season, Chrissy was the first to proposed to Jim. He accepted at first but he lost the ring just a few months later. Maybe that was a sign, I don’t know?! She bought him another ring in this second season of the show. But she herself didn’t have a ring. Instead she bought pain killers, aka Earrings. He also appeared not to be too careful about his relationship so last night, Chrissy told him directly that she wanted him to be more present in their relationship and more emotionally available. She also said that she has started to feel like she needs some time away. She then took a girl’s party in Miami and started thinking whether or not he should move on from the relationship.
But Jim Jones appeared at the party freaking Chrissy out. While she started blaming him for being crazy and showing up in Miami like a “f*cktard,” Jim told her that he’s about to show her how crazy he is before pulling out a ring box to propose to Chrissy.

See the video below:
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  1. Anonymous

    January 4, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    To each his own! But I suspected Jim would go to Miami to purpose to Chrissy. So there was no way I was going to miss that episode, regardless if I had to work late at DISH or not. On break I streamed it right to my iPhone and sure enough he did and he didn't even get on one knee. But that's just me. Chrissy finally got what she wanted and I always get what I want. Being able to watch TV wherever I am, is great for my on-the-go lifestyle. I was tired of the water works anyways. I can't wait to see what Mama Jones says about this.

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