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“Love & Hip Hop” Star Kimbella’s Baby Daddy / Rapper Juelz Santana Caught Cheating + Tweets!

Looks like Erica Mena may have been onto something! Rumor has it that Juelz Santana was spotted with a model/bartender at an event over the weekend in the VIP kissing and flirting all night, and even went to the extreme of having cameras removed from the section. See full details below…..

The jumpoff who goes by the name Miss Incredibody has been featured in KING,Straight Stuntin’ and Smooth Magazines and just may have confirmed the rumor on her Facebook wall. See pic below:

Juelz Santana hosted a party at Tabu Nightclub in Long Island. According to source, the Dipset rapper is seeing a model/bartender named Nikki J behind Kimbella’s back. Nikki’s resume is very similar to Kimbella’s — credits include appearances in KING,Straight Stuntin’ and Smooth Magazines.

See tweets below:

Nikki Jay says Kimbella will be aight
She might want to take her friends advice, WATCH OUT FOR KIMBELLA!! Also to make the night interesting, a few eye witness saw Nikki Jay leaving Tabu with Juelz… in his car!!!

We didn’t want to believe this one, but an insider confirmed that they are familiar with the Dipset rapper and Juelz is a NOTORIOUS CHEATER who is always f***ing around with women behind Kimbella’s back.



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