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“Love & Hip Hop” Star Mama Jones DEFENDS Her Twitter BRAWL With Yandy & Olivia!

Rapper Jim Jones’mom–Mama Jones aka Nancy Jones, recently did an interview for New Orleans’ radio station Q93 where she talked about her recent twitter feud with Yandy and Olivia, as well as her relationship with Chrissy. More info inside…………

Mama Jones recently called down to New Orleans to discuss what’s going on in her life and her beefs with her “Love & Hip Hop” co-stars.  Here are the highlights…
On her “brand” 
Says she enjoys working on her clothing/t-shirt line and other projects because it gives her something to do.  She says she can’t be home in a rocking chair, “I’m not built for that.”
On her daughter-in-law-to-be Chrissy
“We are good now.” She adds that she was raised to believe in “family” and hopes she and Chrissy will grow closer.
On Olivia
“I think she is rude….and maybe she thinks because she doesn’t have a relationship wtih her own mother that she can take it out on other people’s mothers.  But I’m not the one.”  She added, “She called me nasty…we are not the same age.  She needs to call me Miss Nasty or Miss Jones….And when I see her…’s a bad bad day.”
On Yandy
She says she was offended by Chrissy and Yandy’s fight.  She says Yandy does “too much” and oversteps her boundaries as a manager. As she put it, “Sit your ass down.”  But she says there is a chance they could “make up” in the future.
On how the show depicts Black women
Surprisingly, she AGREES that the show depicts negative images of Black women! She also added that if she REALLY had a problem with someone she would meet them off camera because she would not allow herself to fight on national tv.  Oh….
Listen to the interview here:
Um okay….ROGER THAT!


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