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Marlo Hampton, Her BIG POPPA & Derrick J Partying, MLK Weekend 2012! [Photos]

MLK Weekend in Atlanta is a huge event for African American gays and Guest star on Real Housewives of Atlanta Marlo Hampton joined in the fun with Derek J and a seems to be the next BIG POPPA or he might probably be getting the gold ticket, and decides to join her at last nights event–who just may be the guy she mentioned on the show. 

Holding hands I see………..She him off Marlo!

The diva changed from a hot Valentino fur dress with a Chanel belt, earrings and Christian Louboutin pumps to black pencil skirt and gold cropped blouse before leaving out:
She had a lot security surrounding her the entire night as if she was really relevant. 
Marlo who stays giving her time to help others has some major projects in the work. One of her good friends told me last night:

“Sometimes it hurts to see how people try to judge her not knowing whats really going on and all these false reports yall blogs give, but she just keeps on pushing and lets nothing stop her”, J said.
J also said: “Marlo felt it was very important for her to participate with this years pride events, and to reach out to people who are different the key word is LOVE. so all yall blogs get off my girl!#@!#”

Oh, and to top off Marlo’s night she went ahead an tweetedLet’s get it Gold Room! The DIVA has arrived  ……..from God ….she forgot to finish and say “FROM GOD OF COURSE”….. Then Kim will correct her and say god gave you a hole to make your money from bi–h lol
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  1. Anonymous

    April 19, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    OMG…the b*tch look better in her mug shots…LOL Stop chasing money and get a life before you catch something money can't fix…HIV/AIDS B*TCH LOL

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