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Nick Cannon COVERS “BLEU” Magazine’s “MAN OF THE YEAR” Issue!

Looking like a real G double O D– Nick Cannon covers the newest issue of “BLEU” where he’s named “MAN OF THE YEAR.” And he talks about his loving wife Mariah Carey and being a father……….

In the latest issue of BLEU magazine, Nick Cannon (who is looking good these days by the way) dishes on the joys of fatherhood and what it’s like to be in love with Mariah Carey.
In the mag cannon talks about his life and what basically goes on, see a short excerpt from the issue below:
On romance and Mariah Carey
“Mariah and I are both hopeless romantics.  We just made a pact to say that we want to be in this because we enjoy each other and we love each other…We want to be successful at being in a relationship; we want to have a good time.”
On relationships
“A relationship shouldn’t seem like something you have to work at; it is not a task.  We always wanted a fairy tale relationship…and the drama that normally comes with it, we [can] do without.”
On fatherhood
“I was built for fatherhood.  I grew up in a family with a lot of kids…Ihave taken care of kids my whole life.  As soon as my children were born, they became first and everything else became secondary.”
On being a sex symbol
“[Being labeled a sex symbol] comes with the territory when being a solid husband and good father.  Women find that kind of stuff appealing and sexy. Growing up, I was always the smallest kid in the school…I was the skinny and lanky dude…So I embrace [being labeled a sex symbol] now.”
This one was way too sexy to pass up!! Check out the cover below with 106 and Park Terrence J!!


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