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Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Fashion In Elle Mag!

The Super Bass singer Nicki Minaj talks about her wigs, outfits and makeup in the February issue of Elle magazine! 
The fashion magazine gets super in depth with the “Super Bass” singer, See highlights of the interview below: 
When it comes to wigs, Nicki loves to experiment because she gets bored and she can’t believe she used to wear the same hairstyle everyday. 

Eyes are the high-maintenance part of her routine because she’s a lash girl and without them she feels naked. (She wears Strips by the way!) 
And the most important tip her makeup artist has taught her (take notes ladies) is how to contour by using a lighter shade of foundation under her eyes; taking it down in a triangle by the sides of her nose and then apply blush on top. But not round rosy cheeks (she thinks that’s for old people) but by applying the color in a diagonal across the cheekbone because it changes the shape of her face.
Wow, Nicki just saved us a trip to the MAC counter!
And as for her nails, she keeps them simple because once a nail ripped off while driving from New York to Atlanta, and it hurt so bad she had to pull over and stay in a $50 motel … Yikes!


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