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Snooki’s 98 Pound Secret Revealed? Watch Her Zantrex3 Ad! [VIDEO]

The Jersey Shore diva Snooki was once known for squeezing her curves into tiny drapes. But nowadays, she flaunts a much smaller and sportier frame, making herself look super pint-sized in stature. 
With a new physique comes a new form of fashion for the Seaside babe.

Snooki recently went on Twitter and showed off what she considers her own latest quirky flair: “My style 😉 gaudy tacky and extremely out there.”

It’s out there all right. She wrapped up her 98 pound bod in a black mini skirt and green leopard print zipper jacket, and leans on a pair of zebra-like platform shoes.  
“Like, omg, she is soooo ca-uuute!”
Turns out Snooki’s new bod may be thanks in part to a weight loss pill called Zantrex. We don’t know if Snooki took advantage of this chemical pill, or if the company is merely marketing off her slim down. To be honest, diet pills aren’t the safest thing Snooks could be promoting. 
Check Snooki out below, as she shows off her newly trimmed figure in the latest Zantrex ad commercial: 

Ok I might need to try that, just to get a little toner! Or Maybe NOT!!


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