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Snoop Dogg Saying To Kris Humphries: “You Shouldn’t Have Tried To Wife The B***h” [Video]

Rapper Snoop Dogg is giving Kris some advice even though it’s too late / he should have told him that before he walked down the isle.
Anyhow,  snoop is giving the best advice anyone has given 
Kris Humphries since he met Kim Kardashian: 

“I will put this very simply “You dumb a$$ ni**a, you shouldn’t have tried to wife the b***h man, she’s not that type of a h**!”

Remember snoop who has been married for several years, so he might know what he’s talking about.

Check out the clip below:
Do you agree? To be honest with you, would u ever listen to snoop marriage advice?


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