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Stripper Speaks Out About Lamar Odom Boyz Night Out!! [Update]

Remember that time Lamar WILD night out without Khloe knowing, well the stripper came forward and now she’s talking about what really happened that night.
Odom hasn’t had the most seamless transition to the big ‘D’ to play for the Mavericks this season. He’s had his fair share of issues on the court, taking longer than the Mavs expected to adjust to their system.

But the last few days he’s been dealing with an off the court issue with his wife Khloe Kardashian that has been playing out in the media. I hate to feel bad for the guy given that he must have known what he was getting into marrying a Kardashian, but is it such a crime that the guy went to the rippers with his new teammates to get to know them better?

After a bunch of websites and news outlets spun a web of tales about Lamar going to the champagne room for private dances all night, one of the strippers at the club is coming to Odom’s defense today setting the record straight….
“Lamar was at the club with a couple of friends, and he ordered a bottle of champagne and chicken wings,” the dancer — who goes by the name Monae — reveals in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now. “He was here for a few hours and stayed in the open VIP area the whole time. He was very generous!”
Monae tells Life & Style she gave the baller a $20 private table dance, but in the nation’s capital, dancers must keep a distance of three feet between themselves and the clients, and there’s no touching allowed.
Lamar, who went to the club with fellow Mavericks Shawn Marion and Delonte West, told Khloé he was just trying to bond with his new teammates. “He wanted to get to know the guys better and do a typical guy thing,” a friend of the couple tells Life & Style.
Best advice for Odom would be to try and ‘get to know’ your teammates better in the tape room reviewing game film. The Mavericks could certainly use the help these days getting back to championship form.
So what’s the over/under on an Odom-Kardashian break up before season’s end?


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