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Three “Must-Haves” for great SEX!

So you want to have some “Can’t feel your laegs” sex!?!?! Don’t we all!?!?! Everytime you and your partner have a session it should be great and better than the last time! I love you so much I’ve taken the time to give you three basic fundamentals to great sex. Don’t worry you can thank me later.

Back to the Basics

1.Communication: Yeap that’s right not only do you have to communicate in the damn relationship but during sex too! Your partner isn’t a mind reader so you have to speak up. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner how to touch you, and remember to keep it sexy. Let your partner know when they are doing a good job and let them know you like it trust me it’s perfectly fine to be vocal during sex.

2.Know your Body: If you don’t know your body how can your partner please you and how can you help them!?!? Now don’t get all faint on me but the best way to know your body is to “masterbate”! Listen you want to have OMG sex don’t you??? Then don’t be afraid to touch yourself(in my best TLC voice). Once you know your own body you can help your partner better please you!

3.Don’t rush it: Did you know that most women need 10-20 minutes to reach climax during sex? Well they do and most likely you are one of those women. Sometimes we can get so excited and earger to please our partners that we switch positions too fast! Take your time! Once you’ve found a position that pleases you stay there for a while and enjoy yourself!

~DeShai Cole



  1. Pam

    January 24, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    This is so true!!

  2. West Coast Chick

    January 24, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    with my man I only need 9mins tops! lol,

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