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Holy hell!!! Who knew the little one from Blink-182 was packing so much heat?!

Travis Barker’s lawyers have just fired off a cease and desist letter to MediaTakeOut for posting naked pictures of his man hood.

Sources close to Travis tells TMZ that the photos are more than 5 years old and were “private and never intended for public viewing or to be seen by anyone else.”

Barker has hired Evan Spiegel of the law firm of Lavely and Singer, who just sent the cease and desist letter to the website claiming the pics are an “unauthorized use of private photos.”

Maybe next time he’ll learn not to take pics that might someday be shown to the public because he’s a celebrity!

We are sorry but we cannot post his manhood, or else we will be in trouble lol…. but all i can say is, the BOY IS PACKING!!

UPDATE(April 29, 2012): The photos are still available Read here to see them!

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  1. Actually that skinny lil dude is packing!! Kudos, Travis! I know he has kids, so I get why he doesn't want the pics out there. He has nothing to be ashamed of. (Google search Travis Barker penis then click images)

  2. Def nothing to be ashamed of, lol. He sues now, but I bet any money dude gets TONS of ass after this, haha. He's obviously not everyones type, but any girl into bands & tattoo guys would find him do-able, lol, and even more so after this. He landed himself a beauty queen wife before all tbis right? And as far as dudes known for big shlongs like tommy lee and ron jeremy (barf), the guys got a good shot, lol, he looks very similar to tommy lee just about 12 years younger & tommy landed pam before she became an aged leather bag, lol. Coming from a group of girls 22-28 here, hes definitely on the good side of doable and he'll laugh all the way to the bedroom, hotel, motel, backseat, backstage etc after this 😉

  3. I saw the pic on mediatakeout yesterday morning and i can attest that it is not a lie!! It was
    AWESOME!! I wished i would have kept a pic of it but I was looking at it on my phone!
    Lets just say his wife should be VERY VERY HAPPY!!!

  4. Hot site, im guessing every website was instructed to take it down oh well. This is still one of my fav websites to list!!

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