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A UK Woman WIth Two Vaginas! [Visual]

A woman in the UK, now famous and loving it, because she has come forward with the fact that she has two vaginas. Nice visual, huh? It doesn’t seem to bother her much because she jokes about it and and enjoys chatting about it.
Growing up, Hazel Jones didn’t know she was different than any other girl, what she did know what that her periods were heavy and painful. A past boyfriend told her that she was different down there and soon after Hazel was diagnosed as having a double uterus. It all began to make sense.
Essentially from the outside Hazel appears normal, it’s not like a monster vag like you might have been expecting or it has teeth. It’s the inside that is different, a million-to-one different.
The question is what if she get pregnant, which one of the holes will the baby be passing through???!!!
Hazel seems to be having fun with her double-trouble though, she’s gotten interviews from all over the world and isn’t embarrassed about her condition one bit. In fact, she says her vagina is a “great icebreaker” at parties. She also adds that if curious woman wants to get a good look she has no problem showing it to them.
Someone get that girl some tequila, and I NEED A DOUBLE stat.


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