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Wedding Bells RINGING For Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose!

This is what you call true Hip-Hop love, Amber Rose has found her prince charming after kissing one too many frogs, and now the Philly girl is ready to walk down the aisle to meet the one she loves, Wiz Khalifa, but before her fairly tale wedding sets off, she has a few of things to take care of first. More details below…………….

While it may not be in their immediate future, the couple is sure that they want to settle down and enjoy one another.

Amber explains:

“We are very much in love and we’re really, really busy. He is in L.A. working on his album. I’m in New York working on my album. We travel a lot, separately. We do want to get married and will get married, but we want to get married, enjoy each other, have babies and be able to take time off. We’ll get married when things calm down a little bit.”

And Wiz also had something to say:

“We’re gonna get married when the time is right, we’re enjoying each other, just having fun. Her music career is taking off. I would hate to stunt that, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.”

It is great to see that the two have found love in one another, but slow and steady wins the race. Meanwhile we will start day dreaming of Amber in a Vera Wang gown.


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