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Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks Talks About New SPARKLE Movie

Jordin Sparks
 and Whitney Houston play a mother-daughter team on-screen in the upcoming Sparkle movie.  But it was their real-life mother/daughter style relationship that had each other gushing on the set.  
Jordin, Whitney, Cee-Lo, Derek Luke and many others will be starring in the 2012 remake of the 1963 Sparkle movie.  And now that the cast has wrapped shooting in Detroit, 22-year-old Jordin revealed how great Whitney was on the set.  She told People magazine:

She was so cool and very motherly toward me.  If I ever looked like I needed something, here she came saying ‘Are you okay?’ “
“I sang her songs into a hairbrush when I was little.  Now she’s acting as my mom and scolding me. It was a dream come true.”
And Whitney, who battled her own drug addiction in real life and is re-visiting the issue in this movie, talked about her excitement saying:
“Part of the fun of making this movie is definitely the costumes and the hairstyles.  The movie is set in 1963, and we had a great wardrobe, hair and makeup person and I loved wearing the outfits.”

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Sparkle is a remake of the 1976 movie which originally starred Aretha Franklin and Irene Cara and hits theaters August 10.


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