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Would U Wear A See-Through G-String Wedding Dress?! [Photos]

A VISIBLE panty line is often one of the main concerns of fashion-conscious women, but a bride wearing this wedding get-up does not need to worry – that’s just the point. But most men would be brave enough to allow their soon to be wife in this dress because they can say to their competitor, look i got the girl you wanted or just to show the whole audience what he’ll be snuggling up with at night…..SMH(Shake MY Head).

Now, a lot of designers create new bridal dresses that move away from the traditional white, ball-gown type wedding gowns.

But this new g-string wedding dress spotted on the runway in Berlin takes runway designs to a whole new level!
The German designers, Aleandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl, founders of Kavier Gauche, are the ones responsible for this neck-breaking, eye-popping, controversial wedding dress design and they were clearly proud enough of the piece to include it in their collection.
Germany Fashion Week
The outfit is made up of a thong and bra top joined by a few diminutive strips of fabric. It has been described as the wedding dress that will make “the whole congregation blush”.

Röhler and Kühl have been known for their edgy, shocking bridal couture designs in the past since the launch of their line in 2003, but have they taken this new risqué one piece G-string garment with a full length veil a little too far? 
Wedding gowns are traditionally white to symbolize the bride’s virginity and purity of her soul and this dress has promiscuity written all over it! 


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