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Cissy Houston GATHERING Everybody Including Family To Find Out Who Leaked The Private Photo Of Whitney!

After a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket was leaked to the public, mother, Cissy Houston is determined to find out who sold the photo to the National Enquirer! Cissy has allegedly ordered a lie detector test from family, friends and members of the funeral home!

“A good source of mine inside the Houston camp tells me Cissy has requested all people who possibly could have taken that photo — family members, close friends — and, most likely, someone from the funeral home staff take a lie-detector test. It is thought that the tabloid paid close to six figures to get that shot.”

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Who Sold Whitney Houston Death Pics + An Investigation On The Way?
So that means, Whitney wasn’t in white, and she was really dressed in a purple dress! because if the photo wasn’t real, then the family wouldn’t even be going through a great deal to find out who leaked the photo of Whitney Houston in her Casket!!


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