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Counting Down TALENTED ARTISTS That Never Won A GRAMMY!

Well, tonight is the night for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards and as usual, we’ll likely be more into the red carpet outfits and the performances than the actual winners (follow me on Twitter @Gossipwelove). But speaking of winners, did you know that some of your favorite and best selling artists have never won a Grammy? Oh it’s TRUE! Take a look at who we’ve found…and this is just a SHORT list…

Diana Ross

Yes, one of the DIVAS of music Diana Ross who has never won a Grammy and I just can’t figure out why. why haven’t they honored another QUEEN?
Frankie Beverly & Maze
I have to believe that the only reason this legendary group has never won a Grammy is because they didn’t really crossover into the mainstream.  This group have sold out shows with songs like “Happy Feelings,” “Joy and Pain” and others that are worthy of Grammys.

As prolific and well-known artist. I suspect that Pac may have been a little too hard for the Academy.  But still, we would have think that at least two of his albums were worthy of Grammys.
Brian McKnight
If we can erase almost every up-tempo song Brian has ever recorded or released, then we know his catalog is almost…perfect.  But as I look through his Grammy noms, I feel like they’ve purposely nominated him for his cornier songs, minus “Still,” “Anytime,” and “Love of My Life.” Brian really should have won a Grammy by now!
New Edition
*throws my computer out the window* I was REALLY surprised to read that my favorite child group never won a Grammy. They literally had hits after hits after hits during the 80s and every girl – black and white – wanted at least one of them to herself. I think “N.E. Heartbreak” was their last real chance for a Grammy.
Before I get into the whole Nas situation and how I feel about him not getting a Award. Let me say that I will never, EVER forgive Nasir Jones for his verse in the song, “Oochie Wallie.” I kid you not, we haven’t been right since the song came out. But that doesn’t take away the fact that this man should have multiple Grammys. illmatic was released in 1995 which was before the Best Rap Album category was introduced into the Grammys in 1996; however, since It Was Written came out in 1996, without a doubt it should have won.  Real hip-hop just isn’t made for these types of awards.
Vanessa Williams
I guess beauty, talent and “it factor” just aren’t enough, huh? I mean, “Save the Best for Last” wasn’t enough for the powers that be?! Do you think that they remember her Penthouse/Miss America fiasco and that’s why she’s never won? That couldn’t be it, right?
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
While I can respect Arrested Development winning the Grammy in 1993 for best rap performance by duo or group, these men should have no doubt, won an award for “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y).” That song has gone down as one of the greatest hip-hops songs ever created and should have been respected as such.
Yes, my Yonkers, NY native, though he’s crazy but even with all that, he was loved for many years by most music lovers. It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot is an album that, in my opinion, was too deep for its own good. They should have showed the man some respect during his more formidable hip-hop years.
Notorious B.I.G
Ahhhh, Brooklyn’s Finest. I probably could have used the entire article to talk about all the ways I love B.I.G but that would have been boring.  Some would say that he didn’t “peak” in time to get a Grammy which would be odd because he peaked “enough” to get a nomination. Perhaps there were just too many drug and sexual references.
This is just my opinion,take it or leave it, THATS HOW I SEE IT. sound off comments below:



  1. Anonymous

    February 13, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    The Grammys are meaningless nowadays anyway. They only make a difference if you aren't already well known and win one

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