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Flo Rida Pays His Employees Less Than Minimum Wage! [SAY WHAT NOW]

Okay, for a minute I was completely convinced that slavery days were over! But come on now, for a guy that makes triple the amount of a lower class citizen you would have at-least guessed that he pay his loyal employees a bit more don’t you think? 

Despite making millions from his rap urban pop hits like Low and Good Feeling, Flo Rida’s former assistant is suing him for undisclosed wages.

According to TMZ, a woman named Mahogany Miller is suing Flo, claiming when she became his assistant back in August, she was expected to answer phones, work 65 hours a week, and damn near be a slave for $3.08 an hour! Miller asserts once she confronted her boss about the unfair working conditions, he fired her less than 24 hours later.

Wait, I almost forgot. Did you remember that background singer in Flo’s – Round & Round video who was claiming that he didn’t pay her for her vocal help out.

Now this assistant should have known better. Do your research next time.


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