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Former Day26 Member “Que” Speaks About Leaving The Group, His Relationship With Dawn & Career!

Que got his start on Diddy’s reality show “Making The Band 4.” After going through some tough and harsh scenarios during the tortuous competition which wrapped in 2007. From there, Day 26 rose from the reality TV ashes and five talented boys were chosen to hit the studio and produce their first album. Que, Robert, Brian, Willie and Mike produced one more album until Que left the group for unknown reasons. In which he finally explained that he was kicked out and the group was making decisions without him. And Recently the UBD caught up with the singer for an exclusive interview.


What are you working on? 

I have two new singles out. My song “See me” is available on iTunes and getting ready for an album release party. 

How has your life changed from “Making the Band” to now? 

Well to be walking down the street and to be recognize by people you don’t even know, that’s a complete change right there. To just walk into a restaurant or random place and have people walk up to you and tell you they love you and they love your music. Its great, it’s a life changer. 

Was that too much pressure? What made you spaz out they way you did the last we seen you? What was the catalyst behind it? 

There was a lot of drama with the business. When I first got on TV I was 18 years old, so a lot of stuff caught me off guard. There was a lot of drama with the business. When you’re working hard, and you’re in the gym and you’re running and putting in all this extra work, you wanna get paid, when you deserve to get paid. Those were a lot of things I was complaining about and that’s kinda the reason why that drama happened on Making the Band. But, that was 5 years ago, everybody’s happy now. Everybody’s into music. I know the guys have a new single out, thats real dope. Everybody’s working.

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