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Halle Berry’s Daughter NAHLA: “My Daddy Scares Me”!

Gabriel Aubry has been accused of multiple incidents of child neglect and endangerment. And one of the accusers is his own 3-year-old daughter Nahla. According to TMZ, The L.A. Department of Children and Family Services conducted numerous interviews with people familiar with the relationship between Gabriel, Halle Berry and Nahla. Also DCFS now has numerous incidents that have raised concerns about Gabriel’s ability to properly parent his child.

The DCFS conducted an interview with Nahla, who talked about her father and described incidents involving him screaming at her — and how it made her extremelyfrightened.

Close sources say DCFS has information about Gabriel yanking the child out of the nanny’s hand, allegedly pushing the nanny while holding the child, and putting the child in harm’s way while Halle was shooting movie in Europe.

The Dependency Court a much higher court than Family Court has ordered that Gabriel can only see his daughter in the presence of her mother / guardian to ensure the safety of Nahla. But that’s just the beginning, there will be numerous other hearings, as well as additional requirements that Gabriel must fulfill, which will include various forms of counseling.


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