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Laetitia LARUSSO & B-REAL “UNTOUCHABLE” [Official Video Submission]

This artist has been trying to reach out to the GWL Team for a few weeks now, and yesterday they final got back a replied email saying their video has been accepted. Now, usually I would let the video speak for itself, but in this case I will make an exception. The song has received over 170,000 teaser views, and now Laetita Larusso and B-Real is happy to announce the release of the official music video for “Untouchable”: The video was shotted and directed by Matthieu Tribes in L.A.

This is an exciting collaboration between B-Real, who is the lead rapper of renowned hip-hop band “Cypress Hill” and French artist “Laetitia”. And while the song is really not much like the Cypress Hill that many people may have been hoping for, it’s not that bad and somewhat of an interesting direction for B-Real. To be honest the song kind of sounds like “Rock Superstar” mixed with Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life“. Another cool thing about the video is watching B shoot fire and bullets from his fists,

You can check out the video below and drop a few comments in the comment box.
The song is also available on iTunes here!


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