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Lindsay Lohan GETS REAL NAUGHTY For Sexy Magazine Outtakes [Photos]

These shots were released (via Tumblr) and taken by Terry Richardson for LOVE magazine, showing Lindsay at her most voluptuous. We get to see Lindsay applying lipstick, bending over a stove top, bending over a railing and them some. But there is just something inexplicably notable about the way Lindsay Lohan looks through the lens of Terry Richardson’s camera. It is almost as if the two share an intangible creative bond that the rest of the world just can’t seem to grasp.

Terry captures Lohan in an array of barely saturated shots clasping a lit cigarette. Her hair and makeup, Marilyn Monroe-inspired of course.
The aesthetic of the LOVE shoot played it close to her Playboy shoot, but the outtakes released today may give the Playboy issue featuring a nude LiLo a nudge to the back of the bookshelf.
It may be due to the enigmatic allure of lingerie-clad Lindsay leaving something to be desired, or the raw grit of Terry’s trigger talent, but these photos suddenly have us forgiving Lindsay for all her sins.


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