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Nicki Minaj – “Marilyn Monroe” [NEW MUSIC]

Nicki Minaj is getting in touch with her softer side, on her newly released track “Marilyn Monroe.”

Nicki’s new song is named after the famed Hollywood actress, whom she once portrayed in a XXL Magazine shoot, Nicki sings over a slow R&B beat and piano about sometimes feeling just like Marilyn Monroe.

Nicki sings over the beat,” I can be selfish yet so impatient sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe. I am insecure yeah I make mistakes sometimes I feel like I am at the end of the road.”

This is an interesting road for Nicki to take following the release of “Stupid Hoe” that was so controversial that it got banned from some cable networks.

No word on if this is an actual single from Nicki’s third album, but could this be the song for the “emotional” video that Nicki’s producer First Born promised?

Check out the song below:

Are you loving it??


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