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Nicki Minaj Pop, Locks, & Drops IT For LL Cool J [Grammy Promo Video]

I’m excited to see the premiere of her new song ‘Roman Holiday’ during her performance at the big show this Sunday night on CBS.

Nicki Minaj and LL Cool J let loose on their latest Grammy promo video. LL Cool J beatboxes, as Miss Minaj bounces her big booty all around the Grammy promo set. Nicki pops it and spits a few adlibs to go along with LL’s beat. After telling LL to speed it up, she tells him to “pause” after he asks, “how fast you want my lips to move?”

We must admit this is probably the most ratchet Grammy promo of all time, but it’s hilarious and a definite must-see.

Sunday night should be a good night for Nicki. She’s nominated for four Grammys and she’s scheduled to perform her Pink Friday bangers and a new track off Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded titled “Roman Holiday.”

Take a look at the hilarious promo video below:

I’m really going to need Nicki Minaj to call The Ashley’s (aka the Twerk Team) and schedule a dance lesson or two if she plans to continue her booty poppin’ antics.


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