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Rapper Fabolous Drops 45K On 120 Bottles Inside Atlanta Nightclub! [Photos]

Rapper Fabolous splashed out on 120 bottles of champagne for his friend’s birthday. The hip-hop star has worked with many famous faces in music industry, such as Timbaland, Ne-Yo and Pharrell.

Used to the showbiz lifestyle, the 34-year-old decided to inject some glamour into his friend’s birthday party over the weekend. A group were celebrating the unknown man’s special day at Club Compound in Atlanta on Saturday when Fabolous arranged for the phenomenal amount of Rosé Moët to be delivered to their table.


‘Rapper Fabolous got a record number of people wasted last weekend in Atlanta – dropping $45,000 on 120 bottles of champagne at a nightclub… and it was all a favour for his good friend,’ reports TMZ. The bottles were delivered in a golden bath-shaped litter by club personnel — you know, that wheelless carriage thing royalty travels in … usually carried on the shoulders of their half-naked royal subjects. 

According to sources, Fab was hosting the event — and decided to show everyone in the club a good time by comping the endless flow of booze.
Where is Emily B??


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