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RFK Son “Douglas Kennedy” Arrested & Charged With Harassment And Child Endangerment! [ Video ]

Douglas Kennedy, the 10th of Robert and Ethel Kennedy‘s 11 kids, has been busted for harassment and child endangerment.
The part-time Fox News reporter, was visiting his wife Molly following the birth of their fourth child last month when the incident occurred.
What everyone agrees on is that Kennedy decided to take his newborn son for a walk outside of Northern Westchester Hospital on January 7.

What hospital personnel, the cops and the DA now say is that when nurses tried to stop him, Kennedy became aggressive and attacked.
Nurse Cari Maleman Luciano told investigators, “‘Instinctively as a nurse, I raised both my arms toward the neck of the baby to steady the violent shaking of the baby’s head and neck,” but then Kennedy kicked her in the pelvis and caused her to fall.
In security footage of the incident, a figure can be seen to fall backwards away from the elevator.
A “code pink” was sent out indicating a possible child abduction, but Kennedy continued to argue, according to the Mount Kisco, New York police report obtained by NBC New York.
Kennedy actually fell onto the floor with the baby in his arms, according to the cop report. He then got up and ran “down the stairs with the infant until he was stopped by security and escorted back to the infant’s room.”
A lawyer for Kennedy says his client just wanted to give the baby “some fresh air” and insisted the baby was not injured and slept through the altercation.
The statement to NBC New York from Kennedy and his wife said there was no crime. “The nurse had no right to attempt to grab our child out of his father’s arms and I, Douglas, was shocked and appalled when she did so,” the statement said.
Through his attorney, Kennedy has vowed to fight the charges
Check out the video here


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