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Snooki Crashes Her Car In Jersey! [Photos]

The pint-sized Jersey Shore member Snooki crashed her pink and gun metal-painted ride in a New Jersey parking lot! As fans watched, taped, pointed and laughed at her, the Jersey Shore rock star said: “Sh*t happens.” Also JWOWW was in the car and remember this will be her second accident being in the passenger side, while snooki’s driving.

The 98-pound reality star proceeded to talk to her fans and the owner of the silver car she collided into, while trying to back out of her spot.
Was Snooki blind sighted? JWoww was in passenger and maybe could’ve done a better job aiding her friend. We know Snooki can barely look over the steering wheel… As Snooki got out to check the damage she’d caused, surrounded by giddy fans, the TV crew was there to catch it all for her new spinoff show with Shore-mate JWoww.
The poor owner of the hit car actually let Snooki off the hook. Good thing the damage was just a fender bender.


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