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Angela Simmons Shows Out In Ladygunn! [Photos]

Ladygunn Magazine is the cool new kid on the block.
The new kid that thrifted designer digs before it was cool to vintage shop, the new kid that jammed out to all the indie bands before they hit MTV, and most importantly, the new kid who wasn’t afraid to jam out to Ani DiFranco in interludes of Jay-Z songs.

Finally, the new kid that you wanted to be your best friend has fabricated into print with the new culture and fashion magazine, Ladygunn.

Ladygunn’s current issue shot to the stands of Barnes and Noble – pun intended – with a glamorous feature on one of our favorite ladies, the gorgeous Ms. Angela Simmons.

Photographed sporting a darling pair of victory rolls in her then raven hair, the Pastry princess supplemented Ladygunn’s panache with a candid interview about growing up in the hip-hop spotlight.

Check out some excerpts from Angela’s feature in the magazine and be sure to check out the cool newbie on the publication block, Ladygunn.

What is it like dating in Hollywood?
It’s like dating anywhere else. The only difference is that everyone knows your business and what’s going on. I must say that when you are spotted in Hollywood with anyone you are automatically with them, which is crazy.
What was it like growing up in front of the cameras? Did this impact your view on the public and the media?
Growing up in front of the cameras was something to get use to, at first. Being in front of [the] camera for so many years, meant putting a lot of my life [out in the public] and being in a way really vulnerable. My eyes [were] opened after being on TV to [the] media and the public. I don’t think I truly realized how much my life was about to change. I didn’t realize how many people would recognize me on the street and how much the media either attacks you or raises you up. It was definitely a change. But overall, the experience has been amazing.
What was it like when you heard Jay-Z drop pastry in the song “New York”?
That is the coolest thing ever! Who can say that they got a shout out from Jay-Z? It’s so freaking cool!!
What was the first concert you ever went to?
My first concert was for sure a Run DMC concert. What’s cooler then seeing your daddy perform?
What is one of your favorite childhood memories?
My favorite childhood memory is being young and watching my dad perform from the side of the stage, and traveling with him from city to city, sometimes. Another one is Christmas. Christmas was always the best and still is. I have so many amazing memories: building forts with Vanessa and JoJo. We use to build huge forts made out of blankets in our rooms. It would take up all the space in our rooms. I love those days. I was very blessed to have an amazing childhood.

Read more at Ladygunn


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