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Easy Way To Cut A 500 Calorie In Half!

We over here at the GWL enjoy promoting a healthy lifestyle and we’ve found this site that helps you to stay in shape! According fitness there is a surprising Way to Slash 500 Calories. we discuss a variety of ways you can easily eliminate 500 calories from your daily routine resulting in an easy weight loss of one pound per week. You may not even think these food or beverage items “count”, but they do. Our job is to help you in your weight loss goals and even if you were to burn one less calorie day; it would add up over time.

Did you know that the majority of restaurants dish out portions that are TWO to FOUR times bigger than the government’s recommended serving sizes? Believe it. As consumers, we see this with our own eyes but we refuse to complain because we want as much food as we can get for a fair price. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would will walk into a restaurant, shell out nearly ten dollars for a sandwich, and be happy walking away with a sandwich as small as one you would make in your own kitchen, with bread slices as thin as what seems like air. As time has past, these portions and expectations of food sizes has increased, and the temptation to actually finish eating extra large portions has grown with them

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