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Enrique Iglesias & DEV – “Naked” [New Music Video]

DEV and Enrique Iglesias seems like they are a perfect match. But the only problem is, they can’t seem to find each other. This is the predicament our two stars finding each other, during the video for “Naked,” the collaborative single between the two singers.

Both DEV and Enrique arrive separately at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas. Throughout the night, the two keep on catching glimpses of each other, but they never formally introduce themselves. Finally, the next day occurs and the video ends with the two randomly bumping into each other in the elevator.

At least that’s what we think happens.

You see, even though they both enter, it’s never made clear if they’re in the elevator at the same time.

Sounds like a sequel to us!

“Naked” is currently the third single off of the American version of DEV’s debut album, The Night Sun Came Up, which finally dropped earlier in the week, and the second single off of Enrique’s upcoming album, Reloaded.

Check out the video below:

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