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Funeral Home CAUGHT The Person Responsible For Selling National Enquirer Whitney Houston’s Casket Pics!

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the funeral home that handled Whitney Houston’s funeral arrangements said she has identified the culprit responsible for leaking and selling Whitney Houston’s coffin photo.

Whigham, alongside Rev. Jethro James and Ronald Slaughter attended a press conference on March 3, held by Whigham to vehemently deny allegations that her camp was responsible for the leak.
The pastors alongside Whigham stated that they do know who is responsible but it is up to the Houston family to release the name.

Houston’s body was at the Central Ward funeral home for five days. Whigham said a security detail from Nippy Inc., the singer’s management company, was with the singer’s body around the clock while it was at Whigham. She said the funeral home’s investigation revealed that the picture was taken on Feb. 17, a day before services for the late singer, who died in Los Angeles on Feb. 11. She declined to detail the funeral home’s findings.

Although the Houston’s have closed their investigation into the matter, Whigham said she has not and may plan to bring forth legal action.
The picture which was published in the National Enquirer is believed to have fetched a substantial amount of money nearing $500,000.



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