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Hater Deena Jacobs BLAST Amber Rose & Calls Wiz A Scarecrow From “The Wizard of Oz”! [Video]

The pro hater Deena is on the hunt for a new fish and happens to catch one to many with Amber Rose the biggest one! Deena calls Amber the rise of the bulb headed bimbo? But is this chick right on the money or trying too hard to be funny? Plus at the end of the video she said, I have a lil nip showing fame here I come! LMAO!

Deena went on saying she wants to know what kind of D**ks Amber s**k to get where she at today, because she wants some. EWW! The pro hater even went and took a shot at everyone who’s bulb headed!

Check out the video below and you be the judge my GWL Fans!



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  1. Anonymous

    March 4, 2012 at 5:02 am

    I saw this girl on MTV or VH! OR Etv i think when kim Kardashian took her out and showed her that she's not bad I think.

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