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‘JERSEY SHORE’ Producers Looking to Replace The Situation & Snooki With New Wild Cast-Members!

With Snooki pregnant and The Situation getting sober, the people behind “Jersey Shore” are FREAKED the show will lose its sex-crazed alcohol-fueled edge — so they’re looking to phase the two out … in favor of newer, wilder castmates. More details below………..

MTV released a statement earlier this week, following the situation going to rehab for substance abuse treatment — claiming the network expects the entire cast to return for Season 6. And now, sources close to Productions Team tells TMZ, the production company is currently looking for new talent.

According to sources, 495 desperately wants to keep things fresh — and folding in new castmates will help transition the show into a new generation … while still keeping old fans hooked.

We’re told 495 plans to limit Snooki and The Situation’s roles on the new season — giving new cast members more screen time instead.

The show is set to begin filming this summer. But will Jersey Shore be the same without SNOOKI??


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