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Justin Bieber SUED Over A Tweet Gone Wrong!

The Biebs got himself into some trouble!

Justin Bieber recently tweeted out a phone number with the caption “Call me right now!” but the only problem was that the last digit was missing!

Even though the tweet was deleted quickly, this still drove Justin’s fans to guess what the last digit was, and try to call as many numbers as they could, hoping to get through to the 18-year-old singer.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out too well for a Texan couple who got about 1,000 calls every hour from the crazed Beliebers, and they’re now pressing charges!

TMZ reports:

The lawyer tells TMZ, her clients’ patience “wears thin” after receiving over 1,000 phone calls at all hours of the day — and they want compensation for all the problems Justin caused with his “reckless” behavior.

Apparently the couple is asking for few favors in exchange for dropping the case, which include concert tickets, an apology, an endorsement for an online project, and money.

Justin is in a sticky situation, maybe he’ll be more careful the next time he tries to tease his crazed fans!


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  1. Anonymous

    March 29, 2012 at 12:22 am

    WOW these broke ass bitches just want $$$

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