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Mariah Carey Leaving Nick Cannon?

There could it be a splitsville for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon soon? The National Enquirer reports that Mariah is so distraught over Nick’s failing health that she’s threatening to leave him if he doesn’t lighten his work load. Although Nick agreed to CBS Radio morning show, he’s refusing to give up his “America’s Got Talent” and his weekly syndicated radio show “Cannon’s Countdown.”

He thinks Mariah is overreacting and blowing everything out of proportion,” revealed an insider. “Besides that, Nick is insecure about living in Mariah’s shadow, and if he quit work altogether he feels like he’d have no identity of his own. He hates being known as Mr. Mariah Carey.”

Nick recently revealed he suffers from an auto-immune disease which was the cause of his recent hospital stays. In February, he was hospitalized for kidney failure in January and for blood clots in his lungs in February.



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