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Melanie Fiona – “I Been That Girl” [New Music]

Melanie Fiona sure knows how to take us down heartbreak memory lane in her records. In her latest track to hit the net, ‘I Been That Girl’, co-penned by Drake, she takes a trip down memory lane with the new chick of a conniving ex.

“Heard about the tires on his brand new carI knew that he’d drive you crazyGuess the only option is to fall when you get pushed too farYou’ll think about that next time maybeWhen he’s calling your name outWhen he needs you back in his lifeCause he got some secrets, and all of them came upWhen it’s all your name, but you can’t make the paymentHe needs you to stay, but you don’t wanna goI know cause I have been that girl”

Even though this is the first song Drake’s helped Melanie write and release, this isn’t the first time these two Toronto natives have worked together.

Back when Drake was an up-and-coming rapper and Melanie was an unknown artist, they were in a band together called The Renaissance, which was based out of Canada and also featured Drake’s current keyboardist D10. They would play cover songs at a restaurant called Avocado for people having dinner until the group disbanded after their individual careers started taking off.

If Drake and Melanie are coming together to make music like this, they should probably work together more often. And, sidenote: Since Melanie’s single now, these two should go on a date.

Check out the track below:

Melanie’s sophomore album ‘The MF Life’ drops March 20. Pre Order on Itunes here


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  1. Anonymous

    March 17, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    I wont be surprise if drake wants to hit it! HMMM

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