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NBA Baller J.R. Smith Regrets Tweeting The Half Naked Pic of Joe Budden’s Ex!

This just in from the Land of Ratchetness; Knicks player J.R. Smith has apparently suffered a crisis of conscience over sending a half naked pic of Tahiry to her ex, Joe Budden. After suffering a loss from Friday night’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Smith had this to say:

I didn’t know it was going to be as big deal as it is now. I definitely regret it. It takes away from our team. Anytime I do anything that takes away from our team, I’m definitely going to regret it.”
“A few people talked to me about it,” Smith said. “It’s not the smartest move. I understand that now. I just have to be smarter in my decisions.”

The scandalous Twitpic stemmed from a heated, and quite frankly, immature Twitter exchange between Smith and Tahiry’s ex, rapper Joe Budden.  What does Tahiry, hip-hop’s current Helen of Troy, have to say about the matter? Not much apparently, other than a tweet saying:
“hahahahaha. U r so dead Mr. Smith. I’m up next!!!!
Isn’t she classy?  Sounds like a keeper, that one.


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