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Smart Things for Women to Do While Dating!

Okay now, dating should be fun, and less stressful.

Dating can be a fun experience! However, depending on how you carry yourself, what you say and do, some bad dates are usually inevitable. While there are no set rules for how to behave while dating, here are some smart things for women to do to make the dating experience more invigorating, pleasurable and promising:

  • Apply Observational Skills
    – Dating is an interesting experience, once you work your way past initial shyness or feelings of being tense. If you intend to learn more about your man, observing him keenly will help you analyze his behavior more effectively. Observe how he relates with others and watch for changes in his demeanor. A good understanding of behavior can make all the difference in how well the relationship works.

  • Let Him Settle the Bills – As much as there’s equality talk, let your man settle the restaurant or entertainment bills. A man who’s genuinely interested in you will want to make sure that you eat well and are well taken care of. He should even be able to call a cab to ensure you get home safely. When a man is willing to pay, it is a good indication that he’s interested in you and that he considers you as an investment in his life. So ladies, don’t be too quick to offer to pay while dating.
  • Pay Attention to Him – To get a man’s attention, you’ve got to show a genuine interest in him. Ask him about his job, interests and family. Find out what adventurous or exciting things he’s done in life. Men enjoy talking about themselves. They like being listened to and your man will feel more comfortable with you once he senses your interest in him. You could also touch on current events to keep the conversation flowing. A man who’s genuinely interested in you will invite you to talk about your work, passions and interests as well. As a woman, you can also talk about foods you enjoy and what you like to cook. Fine, you may not be the world’s greatest cook but give him some indication that you care about what you eat. Talking about your culinary skills is a sure indication to him that you take good care of yourself. It will also give him the confidence that you could take good care of him, too. Men like to know that their woman will not disappoint in the feeding department.
  • Use Body Language – You can express much more with body language than by using words. When you understand how to use body language, you’ll be surprised at how effective it is in getting you what you want. Make direct eye contact with your date as this indicates to him that you’re definitely interested. Use your fingers to caress objects on the restaurant table or play with your hair. You could even pick some fluff off his shirt or jacket. This expresses your sensuality, which is bound to get him hooked. Maintain an open posture when interacting with him as this indicates you’re an open person. Turn your body towards your date, lean forward, tilt your head slightly, thrust your chest forward, and cross and uncross your legs to let your date know you’re definitely interested in him.
Don’t forget that sometimes, less can be more!


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