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Snooki Talks Tanning, Smushing, Jionni LaValle (Snooki’s Fiance & Baby Daddy)!

After weeks of rumors, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi confirms exclusively to Us Weekly that she is 15 weeks pregnant — and engaged to the father, beau of one and a half years Jionni LaValle. It’s the news we’re sure every Jersey Shore fan wants to hear! Snooki and Jionni LaValle confirmed that they’re getting married and having a baby – a short and tan one, according to Jionni’s tweets!

We’ve seen Jionni on a couple of episodes and we know Snooki is obsessed with him, but we don’t know that much about him personally.
Below are some interesting facts about the special man in Snooki’s life.
According to ABC News, Jionni is going to school to become a gym teacher. So we presume he can take his future child to get their GTL on.
He’s also on good terms with Papa and Mama Snooks! Jionni has travelled with the whole fam before and bonded with Papa Snooks.
Despite the fact that Snooki loves to be the center of attention, Jionni actually doesn’t care about being a celebrity. He doesn’t even like seeing himself in the magazines. He is going to have to get used to it now; c’mon he is engaged to the most infamous reality star around. 
We also know that Snooki’s man is a fan of the Miami Dolphins and for Christmas, she bought him some Dolphins gear. In addition to football, Jionni is interested in MMA fighting.
He is not only into tanning and fist pumping; LaValle is a fan of comic books and likes the Wolverine character. Jionni tweeted, “@RealHughJackman my Gf thinks jean grey can beat you!! Please tweet @snooki back and tell her who’s the boss!! #teamwolverine”
What makes Jionni even more appealing to the tan reality star is his love of pickles. We all are aware Snooki loves her pickles. Back in 2010, LaValle made her pickle pancakes for breakfast! Definitely an interesting combo. 
Speaking of food, he also thinks Snooki makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. LaValle tweeted, “It may be easy to make a grilled cheese but my Gf does it the best!!”
Jionni has no problem addressing the haters and supporting his boo. Earlier today he tweeted, “For All u jealous, disrespectful haters out there, u see what u wana see on tv! My fiance and I and JR are going to be so happy! #youllgeturs”
Seems like Jionni is a good match for our meatball! We cannot wait to hear about the wedding; tons of pickles will be served and there will be tanning beds for the guests. OK, maybe only in our dreams.


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