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Still Shots From Drake Feat. Rihanna ‘Take Care’ Video! [Photos]

Rapper Drake and pop star Rihanna gets really intimate once again in their newest video for ‘Take Care’. The Stills from the upcoming video were released online yesterday afternoon, which shows the two embracing against a minimal background. And although there isn’t much going on visually, Drake says he wants the video, which was shot during the Superbowl, to be the best video he has done to date.

Last month, the director Loanne Lemoine dished on what to expect from the visual which he says is very symbolic:

“Visually, it’s a very humble video … it’s not crazy. It’s actually the most indie video I’ve done my whole life. It’s probably the most famous artists, and they were so open to a project that was so minimal. There’s a lot of space in the video and I wanted the visuals to pay tribute to that. It pays tribute to nature.
I won’t say too much, but it’s very surprising that there are very few elements in it. It’s very simple but there’s this big sense of emptiness in it. It’s not narrative at all, and it involves animals.”
There’s something very minimal and very delicate about it in a way. And it was very symbolic too.

Check out more still shots from the video below:


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