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T.I & Tiny Buys “Zonnique” A Porsche For Her SuperSweet 16 Party!

T.I.’s oldest daughter Zonnique is about to be the flossiest 16-year-old on the block after the rapper bought her a 2012 edition Porsche Cayenne for her birthday. Check out the photos below……………

The family held an uber-lavish Sweet 16th celebration in Atlanta for the occassion, attended by a host of stars including Nelly, Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae, Diggy Simmons and Diddy’s son Justin Combs.

Zonnique, who had previously asked for two cars on T.I. and Tiny’s ‘Family Hustle’ reality TV show, also got a pair of Pomeranian puppies to go cruising with.

The first rule of a Sweet 16 party is you have to make the right entrance, and the birthday girl certainly did, being carried into the venue on a futon by four ‘Egyptian guards’.

And as for Zonnique’s other big present:
Pops T.I. surprised her with a white Porsche.  Hope she has her license already….
She snapped a pic with T.I.P. & stepbrother Massiah in front of her new ride.
Chick must love blue.
And to keep with her exotic princess theme:
She was carried by men into her party–after a wardrobe change–atop a bed queen’s bed.
Tiny posed it up with a pretty-in-pink Zonnique. 
And Justin Combs was there with his mom Misa to gift Z a necklace:
Well isn’t that sweet.
Justin was spotted kickin’ it with his extra colorful mom.
And with T.I. & Nelly inside the party.
Nelly brought his kids along.
Tiny & her colorful Louis Vuitton head scarf posed it up with Misa:
Guess there’s no such thing as color ACCENTS in Misa’s world.
Diggy Simmons was spotted arriving to the party alongside one of the OMG Girlz.
And posed it up inside with the birthday girl.
Zonnique’s brothers King, Massiah & Domani & had some fun at the party.
And of course, Domani was his big sis’ entertainment for the night.
And T.I.’s other daughter Deyjah put on her party dress and high top sneakers for her step-sister’s party.
Zonnique tweeted this morning: “Thanks to everyone that came to my party last night! You guys made it the best birthday party for me! :))”

If rumours are to be believed, the family could have another birthday to celebrate in the not-too-distant future, with speculation that Tiny is currently pregnant.



  1. Anonymous

    March 27, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Hating ass ppl who wish they lived there lives!!! It makes no sense how "grown" ass ppl could make these type of comments about fucking kids just having fun?! They looked so cute n they are a nice family get a life u fucking hating ass bitches!!! N the comments about everything being "ghetto" what the fuck is u trying 2 say because rich white ppl ain't no better n how they spoil their kids!!!

  2. fiftymil2000

    March 27, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    That's what I was saying. People can be so jealous of what other got going for them. shake my head.

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