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Ashton Kutcher Dumps Rihanna After Chris Brown & P. Diddy Warnings? [HUH]

Ashton Kutcher reportedly stopped his fling with Rihanna, after receiving a few warnings from her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and P. Diddy.

Rihanna and the Two and a Half Men actor were rumoured to be having a fling last month, when she was spotted leaving his mansion at 4am. However, it was revealed earlier this week that Ashton had actually dumped Rihanna because he believed she tipped off the media about their relationship. More details below……

Sources now say that Ashton backed off after receiving warnings from RiRi’s ex Chris and friend Diddy. “At first, Ashton took it as a joke — but Diddy told him that Chris was dead serious and really worked up about the idea that Rihanna has moved on,” Ashton told Starmagazine.

However, Chris’ efforts did not go down too well with Rihanna, who “was so angry after learning of his challenge to Ashton, she called her jealous ex and told him to back off.”

Sounds like Rihanna’s got herself into a tricky situation!


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