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“Basketball Wives” Newbie ‘Kenya Bell’ Accused Of Blowing $110K On Plastic Surgery!

“Basketball Wives” newbie Kenya Bell has spent $110,000 on plastic surgery and surgery-related expenses — according to her estranged husband, Charlie Bell.

Bell, a former NBA player who now plays in Italy, is out to prove that Kenya is reckless with money. In court documents, Kenya claims Bell shops at Louis Vuitton in Paris while she struggles to provide for their children. But Charlie has fired back with a laundry list of charges that Kenya has allegedly spent on herself, which includes $110,000 in plastic surgery.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Kenya spent:

– $82,000 on a Corvette, which she drove for 3 weeks

– then resold it for $61,000

– $12,000 on a motorcycle

– $20,000 on criminal attorneys

– $150,000 on “miscellaneous expenses to get even with Mr. Bell”

– $3,000 on her brother’s electric bill

– $9,000 on luggage and shoes

– and $110,000 on plastic surgeries and expenses in L.A. for the plastic surgery trips.

Bell also also claims he gave Kenya $200,000 before leaving for Europe.

No word from a judge, as of yet. Meanwhile, Kenya is currently promoting her latest single on iTunes:


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  1. Anonymous

    April 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    I like Kenya for the simple fact she is not about drama. Unlike the other women in the "clique", she has two degrees and used/ are using both of them :).

    But now this bitch is crazy to me!

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