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Since Beyonce has adopted Tumblr, she released some of her 4-Year Wedding Anniversary Pictures of her and Jay-Z, and a footage of her showing off her pregnant stomach! Check out the photos and video below….

Bey you smoke??? Okay, I see that’s why you a bad chick!
Now check out the video below:

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  1. Tickets go on sale tomorrow; business move, calculated as always! Nothing about this woman is genuine. Nothing.

  2. This woman could post a video of her giving birth. Full frontal images and all. And people will still find a way to twist it around. The baby's here. Who cares who she came out of? Let it go.

  3. PR team is working hard an over time to kill these rumors huh….bytch still fake like the hair on her headd

  4. LOL, two of these comments so far must be from the same person, and I bet he's a gay Beyonce impersonator,lol! So she had a pudge in the last photo, so what??? They show Jennifer Aniston's with a pudge all the time,and try to say she's pregnant! Where are the 2nd, and third month trimester video's, photo's??? As a mother(I vaginally delivered) those are the most memorized months, because your belly is so big, you take photos to show your child where they use to live,and kids like looking at the big belly they were in. That's when you take all the photos of your husband with his head on your big belly. I've done this with several of mine, and you really get carried away taking pictures with the 1st pregnancy. I'm one of B and Jay's fans too. I'm sorry if I upset anyone but this is my opinion, and I base mine off of facts, and the evidence! I do not think she carried the child, I know it was her egg(Blue is beautiful just like her), and I do not think her belly is swollen from a baby inside but instead maybe she's pushing it out on purpose, or she's stuffed.

  5. This post will have barely any comments. The haters have lost the one thing that made them happy. This conspiracy. It's finally over it''s been 6 months and the conspiracy is finally over.

  6. They are too cute. And without all the make up she just has such a sweet face. Like… genuinely sweet lol.

  7. I now honestly believe that Beyonce is the CONSPIRATOR!!!! Her camp is releasing all these conspiracy theories and stories to keep us thinking about her and her magical babey….

    She's right now she's on all 500 of her iphones/ipads checking on what we are all saying and thinking and hating about her, while she laughing her non-fat arse off!!! Tomorrow they're going to post another story of how fake the above video/photos/whatever is, you'll see.

    I said it before and I repeat for prosperity, that unless I'm the blessed fetus existing her holiness womb, I will never believe that she was pregnant, because pregnant bellies do not fold!!! And if she was one of my friends and her belly folded like Beyonce's did, I would hold that beotch down and search!!!! BECAUSE PEOPLE LIE, ESPECIALLY FOR ATTENTION!!!

  8. You all need to STOP hating on this women and her family!!! She can not help it that the Lord Bless her with good looks, a nice figure, money, fame and a man that loves her!!!

    What did she do this whole package is what God bless her with, she work HARD for her success!!!

    Let it be people just let it be!!!!! HATING: To feel dislike or distaste! My question is why?

  9. It's odd to me still the only pict shown of her pregnant is STILL the same awkward cheesy photo taken one week after the announcement out of 500 pict ???Just one ? ok J & B !

  10. the video doesnt prove anything & neither does the picture so.. still not buying it. especially since their baby looks like a mulatto. so yeah. she can still have a seat. _

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