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In the last 24 hours “Basketball Wife” Royce Reed has been twitter beefing with her boyfriend Dez Briscoe‘s baby mam Christina Nero over alleged sexting messages that he sent to Christina, which she decided to share with Twitter Fans. Dez denied the allegations until now, Because Dez just admitted it! Plus see Royce pouring her heart out about being betrayed below………………..

Tampa Bay Buccaneer baller dez Briscoe just dropped a few bombs via Twitter. After watching the entire twitter cat fight (over whether he sent explicit sext messages to his ex) between his reality star girlfriend and his baby mama go down yesterday, Dez stood by quietly saying nothing. Until now.

Royce defended her man to no end yesterday calling Christina a liar and saying she concocted the texts using fake SMS apps. And, conveniently, Dez seems to have popped THE question with Royce & her co-star Kenya Bell speaking on it today.

Now, Dez just admitted he did send those texts. But it was all just to get on Christina’s good side (his 22 years of age is really showing right now). And he swears he never touched her. (Hence why I said in my original post last night Royce should have DEFINED what she meant by “cheat” when she asked him). Royce also says Christina told her the same via DM–that he never touched her while he was with Royce, despite the texts.

Check out Dez’s admission below (and also explains his absence from football practice saying he’s going through personal drama):

 See what Royce had to say below……………….

After Royce said what she had to and admitted she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with this new information, since it’s not that easy to just leave,… Dez went ahead and responded saying:
@Roycelr do what’s best for you…. Point blank..
Twitter has been breaking up many relationships and I feel like there will be a time when people will actually see it. See Dez and his son below:

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  1. I agree! Social networking make some of the already most foolish people look even crazier publicly. And sadly, they don't realize it. They just constantly provide the juice and gossip for people to whisper behind their backs.

  2. Royce like yo daddy said you really need to stop and focus on you and your son… a relationship…love will come when it comes…you looking real stupid…he is a young man and you are older than he is right…so you should have know better…he has a son and need to communicate with his BM…sexting is not penetrating…so why are you mad put out your dirty laundry and making this up and coming football star look bad…your man in your life needs to be your SON…pour your love into him…and not into all these men…just because you are a relationship girl does not mean you can no wait.

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