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Diggy Simmons Launches Attack At J. Cole Over Vanessa Dating Allegations! [New Music]

The diss track surfaced online today and Diggy appears to be taking clear shots at Roc Nation newcomer Cole.

“Little n***a think he Cole, think he live like me / Jet setter, trend setter – yeah you not like me / Can’t find a girl you know that do not like me / I can’t find a girl I know, that knows you / You local, wasn’t even poppin’ in the school you used to go to,” Diggy spits, taking shots at Cole’s personality, dating game and music career.

Possibly alluding to one of the reasons for the diss, Diggy adds: “The other day I was listening to “Purple Rain” / Couldn’t believe all of the things that I heard him say / Who Dat? Who Dat? You know who it is / Heard you lying on my sis, tellin’ people that you hit,” in reference to Cole’s claims that he had a fling with Diggy’s older sister Vanessa.

Diggy’s attack isn’t unprovoked though, as Cole has previously fired shots at the 17-year-old on track ‘Grew Up Fast.’ “Move along c**k-sucker, ain’t got nothing to see / ‘less you talking blockbuster, you n***as is not Russell / You more Diggy, Me, I’m more Biggie / No diss to the young boy,” Cole said.

What do you think of Diggy’s diss? Is it a cheap shot to promote his latest album? Listen to ‘What You Say To Me’ below…

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