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Eve PUTS Nicki Minaj On BLAST Saying: “Without Kim You Wouldn’t Be Here!” [Video]

Eve is putting everybody on blast and she started with Iggy Azalea and now Nicki Minaj!

Eve has earned her respect as a female rapper/ lyricists. She is one of the only women in the rrap game to remain true to herself and hard rap skills. In a recent interview with, the “Pitbull in a Skirt” had this to say about newcomer, Nicki Minaj:

“People want me to hate on her but I haven’t got anything to say about her. I wouldn’t have a problem putting her on a record- I try to be nice.I know a lot of people are mad at her.

But I get it, I get the whole sh*t, I know she’s going crazy. I know she’s going crazy at the mouth. Yeah you’re doing your thing- terrific, but without Kim you wouldn’t be here.”


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