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Evelyn Lozada & Chad Ochocino Battles Over Wedding Plans!

“Basketball wives” star Evelyn Lozada is saying that she and finance Chad Johnson are battling over their wedding plans.

The couple is set to get married later this year (Summer) and it seems that the pressure of having the ceremony screened on their upcoming VH1 reality show has led Chad and Evelyn clashing over how to make it a wedding to remember. More details below..

“He has certain requests that I don’t necessarily agree with. Chad thinks outside of the box a lot of the time,” Evelyn told RadarOnline.

“Sometimes thinking outside the box is not something I necessarily agree with. Instead I think, ‘Really, you want that???'”

Apparently, Evelyn wasn’t so keen on Chad’s decision to have animals at their wedding. “He wanted to have animals at my wedding, and I didn’t agree with that vision, and that’s something that he is not letting up on and now we are dealing with and I am now trying to find ways to compromise,” she explained.

“I want to make him happy and make him feel like he is included in our big day. Maybe it’s a llama or something small, but no lions or elephants. I feel bad for them! I have been to a few events where they have had animals caged up and it bothers me.”

Sounds like this will certainly be a wedding to watch! BRIDEZILLA in the making!


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