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Jennifer Hudson BREAKS DOWN Over Graphic Crime Scene Evidence In Court!

The murder trial for the man responsible for the killing of Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, brother and nephew “William Balfour“–resumed today with probably the hardest part of the trial. Hudson had to listen as officers described finding her family’s dead bodies. Hudson sat between her fiance David Otunga and her sister, Julia Hudson. More details below………..

Prosecutors caused a buzz when they referred to Hudson as an Oscar winner and American Idol finalist on Monday, but promised jurors in opening statements that their case would be a “meticulous and systematic” presentation of witnesses and physical evidence that will point to Balfour as the killer. 

Hudson hung her head and shut her eyes as Chicago police Sgt. David Dowling described finding Hudson’s mother’s body sprawled in the living room with gunshot wounds through her back. She sat motionless as Dowling described finding her brother dead in his bed of a gunshot wound to the head. His sheets were pulled up as if he had been sleeping.

A few of Balfour’s friends testified for him today, providing Balfour with an alibi. Both men claimed they saw Balfour in a green Chrysler on the day of the murders. I guess that makes Balfour’s “not guilty” plea confirmed?

Since there’s no witnesses to the murders, prosecutors need to use circumstantial evidence to stack up against Balfour. Prosecutors are expected to introduce evidence in the next few days that includes cellphone records and security-camera footage that places Balfour in the area of the killings. Keep in mind that his friends have already tried to prove otherwise.


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