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Kanye West Thinks Of Kim Kardashian As His Very Own “Beyonce”!

We all knew Kanye has a crush on Beyonce, but who wouldn’t? There are a few things you can compare between Kim and Bey, even-though I hate to put the two in the same category! Kim and bey are both HOT, FILTHY RICH, and HARD WORKING! So, that maybe a turn on for Mr. West. West is “genuinely head over heels” in love with Kim Kardashian and he’s even used the Beyonce word a few times. More details below………………

According to Us Magazine:

“It’s not a PR stunt,” the source insists of the rapper and reality star. “They’re perfect for each other. He thinks she’s his Beyonce!”

West pursued Kardashian “for a long time,” another source says — the stars were finally aligned for the twosome (who share a fondness for luxury and the spotlight) to finally get romantic. “Now that Kim has gotten over the Kris drama . . . she sees how much Kanye loves her,” a Kardashian source tells Us.

Do you think Kanye West has found his own personal Beyonce, or is this just another 808s and Heartbreak waiting to happen?


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